Authentic Japanese Cooking Class - the best souvenir from Kyoto!

You will learn:

・ how to cook authentic Japanese dishes in English

・ Japanese table manners

・ the history and culture of Japanese cuisine

・ and much more!

Japanese cooking class Roujiya gives you more than just cooking lessons.

We'd like to show Japanese cultures and customs as well.

Japan has the four seasons, each of which has its own seasonal festivals, and a variety of annual events.

To know the history of traditional events, how people celebrate them makes your stay enjoyable in Japan.

In addition if you know table manners even a little, you can feel much more relaxed in Japanese restaurants!

We will be happy to assist you and give some hints and information about variations of the recipes using different ingredients when you return home.

Why not join our class?

It's fun and tasty!

A real cultural experience!

We post the latest news and pictures on Facebook.

Check it!

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