Now my husband and I run a guesthouse in Kyoto. Since we did the guesthouse many foreign guests visited here, and most of them are very interested in Japanese cuisine.

I think that to know the cuisine is to know the country's culuture much more deeply.

So I began to think about offering Japanese cooking class for our guests to become more familiar with Japan. I'd like to show not only cooking but also history, table manner and much more.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and having a good time together!

Bushimata Kaori

After graduating from university studying English literature, I started work as a cabin attendant based in Hong Kong.

After leaving the airline, my partner and I were traveling around the world and we had various experiences like the culture, custom and especially cuisine of many countries.

And now we run a guesthouse in Kyoto and I became to think that I'd like to introduce the history and culture through Japanese cuisine to foreign guests.

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